Below we signpost to some tasty recipes for you to try during Organuary. With that in mind, we just wanted to mention that although we signpost to websites, we’re not responsible for the content on those websites.

If you have any specific dietary requirements then you might need to adjust some of the recipes to become more suitable for your way of eating. For example, if you’re following a gluten-free or low-carb diet then you should remove the bread, flour or potato from the recipes that contain them. And if you’re avoiding industrial seed oils then you’ll want to replace them with natural fats such as beef dripping, butter or lard.

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Bone Marrow




With the high amounts of vitamin A in mind, we recommend not to exceed 150g of beef or lamb’s liver per week. Chicken liver has slightly less vitamin A and so we recommend not to exceed 230g per week. If you’re pregnant you should avoid liver altogether.